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This site aims to provide a community resource for those interested in ePortfolios and Personal Development Planning (PDP). It is run by Newcastle University, where we have been involved in ePortfolio development since 1998. The site was first set up to document a project in which we built the ePET portfolio, which can be configured to meet diverse pedagogic requirements. Since then the technology, pedagogy and research have been taken forward in numerous follow-on projects, also documented on this site. A current focus for us is Dynamic Learning Maps, which embeds portfolio learning in curriculum and personal learning maps. We also have a specialist Dental portfolio, used with partners in the UK and Australia. Our postgraduate ePortfolio also includes support for project approval, annual progression and other parts of the student life-cycle. Your comments or suggestions for the site would be most welcome.

Most Recent Additions to this Website

New Feature NEXT Final Project Report (XCRI project).
New Feature EPICS-2 Final Project Report.
New Feature The EPICS-2 Regional Collaboration.
New Feature What is an ePortfolio? (definition)
New Feature Ongoing work on interoperability.
New Feature Download the Project Report for the first EPICS ePortfolios project.

Further information about ePortfolios

Four really great resources are:
ePortfolios InfoKit - JISC Infonet ePortfolios infoKit (JISC InfoNet)
JISC publication: Effective Practice with ePortfolios Effective Practice with ePortfolios (JISC, 2008)

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We would like to thank the following:
Higher Education Funding Council for England HEFCE for funding through the FDTL programme.
The Higher Education Academy The National Co-ordination Team of the HE Academy
Joint Information Systems Committee JISC for funding of the ePet and EPICS projects.
Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and Dentistry - Northern Deanery PIMD for funding of the dental ePortfolio and MyPIMD projects.
Department of Education and Skills DFES for funding previous related projects.

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