WP6: Supporting life-long learning

Lead: Paul Horner (Project Officer, Newcastle University)

See also: Interoperability Standards for Lifelong Learning (section of www.eportfolios.ac.uk site)

The interoperability exchanges in the first EPICS project were mostly illustrative case studies using fictitious data. This project will extend this to large-scale cohorts of real learnersí data and also will capture much needed evaluation data on student and staff perceptions of the value of transferring portfolio information. It will also provide extensive pilots and well evaluated case studies in using ePortfolios to support personalised learning.

EPICS-2 will engage with emerging specifications and standards (e.g. IMS ePortfolio and LEAP) to facilitate the robust and efficient flow of ePortfolio and PDP data between institutions, including participating in the JISC-CETIS Portfolio SIG. In addition, the first EPICS project explored support for the EUROPASS-CV and HR-XML standards. These were demonstrated live at the international ePortfolios 2006 conference in Oxford, with a CV held in ePET exported and then uploaded in the EUROPASS Web site. At a strategic level we feel that it is important that ePortfolios should support multiple standards, as requirements vary across sectors and for specific purposes (e.g. use of HR-XML is common in the recruitment sector). EUROPASS-CV is one of 5 elements of EUROPASS, which is linked to the Bologna process and may become an important standard for supporting mobility across the EU.

The development of Web Services/SOA approaches will also support the Mobile strand of this project (WP8)

CS5: Transfer of portfolio data in HE from undergraduate to Postgraduate

We will be piloting the transfer of real data from undergraduate to postgraduate ePortfolio systems using and extending standards-based methodologies (IMS LIP, XML-RPC) developed in EPICS (the previous project was primarily small-scale transfer of fictitious data). This will include transfer of data for graduating students from the Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University, where an ePortfolio was implemented in 2004/512. As well as evaluation of technical efficacy we will also capture studentsí and other stakeholders perceptions on the value of transferring portfolio records.

CS6: Inter-institutional transfer of ePortfolio data between FE and HE

This would involve collaboration with the JISC funded ComPort project which is being led by Gateshead College. The project, involving 4 FE Colleges, is comparing four different technologies and approaches to the use of ePortfolios.and mobile technologies to support HE programmes which have WBL elements. EPICS-2 will add value to ComPort by supporting the transfer of data between institutions for 3 or more scenarios (e.g. transfer from one FE College to another, and to a NE University for additional studies). This will use and extend the standards-based methodologies developed in EPICS. Evaluation will aim to capture stakeholders perceptions on the value of transferring portfolio records, as well as assessing technical efficacy across the systems and institutions identified in the scenarios.

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