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The Forum draws together representatives from institutions across the North East interested in PDP and portfolio learning. As a community of practice, the Forum provides a space to share good practice and develop new ideas and approaches. the Forum was established in 2005 as part of the first EPICS project.

The current EPICS-2 project will support 5 themed workshops which will both contribute to the other activities of the project and also act as a vehicle for dissemination (for information, and for engagement of new and existing partners).

Reports from the Forum activities will be disseminated on the project Website.

Role of the Forum in EPICS-2

  • Resource for EPICS-2 research

  • Critical Friend to the research - a place where the project can test out ideas and get responses from a wider constituency

  • Providing a community of practice around ePortfolio and PDP, a network of support, problem solving, discussion and sharing practice

  • Thinking outside the box / thinking pedagogically. What are the key themes in this project of most direct interest and value to us as deliverers of learning and development? Can we set the research in a wider and specifically learning and teaching context? Can we plan some forum events around these key themes and provide an environment for sharing of ideas, practice etc for a broad regional network of interested people?

Previous Events (selected)

New Feature 30th January 2009 - Work based learning: Can Technology Help? (EPICS-2)
New Feature 30th June 2008 - Work Based Learning conference (JISC RSC)
16th June 2008 - Regional PDP and ePortfolios Forum, Teesside
2nd May 2008 - Identity Management: A way forward for the NE?
8th February 2008 - Inaugural EPICS-2 Forum Event

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