WP8: Personalised learning environments Mobile technologies

Lead: Paul Horner Project Officer, Newcastle University
Simon Cotterill
John Moss
David Teasdale

See: Project Blog (entries relating to mobile technologies)
See: Mobile Portfolio (section on eportfolios.ac.uk)

This EPICS-2 work package will aim to embed personal learning with mobile technologies, including the development of solutions for mobile portfolio/blogging with asynchronous connection to Web-based portfolios. This will complement existing work with mobiles, including projects funded by CETL4HealthNE, which have concentrated on synchronous Wifi connection to online portfolios15. In a collaborative position paper we have identified the need to extend mobile support so that learners can have seamless access to portfolios regardless of their proximity to wireless networks.

This work package will be applicable to many work-based learning situations that do not have support for Wifi or other synchronous connection to ePortfolios. The particular scenario the work will be focussed on will be for students doing placements in Speech Therapy. The directors of this programme have expressed a requirement for their students to have asynchronous access to portfolios on handhelds.

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