WP3: Large-scale pilots of ePortfolios, blogs and social publishing

Lead: Simon Cotterill (Newcastle University),
Paul Horner,
Dave Webster (Sunderland University)

There will be a modest amount of development to extend ePET support for personally specified learning outcomes (currently focussed on programme level outcomes in some parts of the portfolio).

Deliverables: Case studies:

CS1: ePortfolios to support personalised learning pathways in Combined Studies (WP3)

The ePET portfolio will be customised and piloted with students on the Combined Studies programme at Newcastle University. The programme allows students to select their learning from a diverse range of subjects and to try new ones, without committing to three full years in a single unknown subject area. The portfolio will be piloted for a full academic year (with ongoing support for at least 2 years if required) and evaluated in its ability to help support learning and PDP in a cohesive way for students learning across a potentially diverse range of subject areas. It is expected that the evaluation findings will have wider applicability beyond the context of this programme.

CS2: Piloting of ePortfolio/Blogs with Nursing Students (WP3

This will involve customising and piloting the ePortfolio for a new subject area with students on a 6 month nursing module at Sunderland University. The pilot will use ePortfolios to support requirements for reflection, PDP, and the evidencing of competencies during work-based learning placements.

CS3: Blogs and community publishing to support WBL in Speech & Language Sciences (WP3).

Speech & Language Sciences (SLS) are part of the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University. The ePET portfolio was adapted for SLS curricula requirements and piloted with undergraduate and MSc students in 2005/6. This case study will involve extending the ePortfolio for SLS to include greater personalisation and new ‘community publishing’ facilities (WP11). These new features will be evaluated in the context of WBL, with students who undertake a number of placements during their studies.

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