Only Connect: A conference for those using technology. 30th June 2008

The EPICS-2 project is contributing to this conference on WBL, which is being organised by the JISC Regional Support Centre.

Date: 30th June 2008
Venue: Marriott Hotel in the Metro Centre

Conference Overview

Learners in the work-place can benefit enormously from the use of computer and network technology to support learning and assessment – opening up access to more and better learning resources and receiving regular on-line guidance and support from tutors. Technology can provide opportunities for more efficient assessment, whether it is in the collection of digital evidence (including text, video, image and voice) or the operation of e-assessment at the right point in the learners’ learning cycle.

Implementing technology to support work based learners needs care. Hearing about the experiences of others is very helpful in understanding what should be done and where the pitfalls are.

This conference is for all those who manage, support and operate work-based learning provision. There are keynote speakers from policy leaders and technology strategists (ALP, BECTA, Ofsted) and we will have a group of practitioners who have all gone some of the way towards implementing technology for work-based learners.

The conference will focus on the work based learner – but of course much of the technology is common to on-campus learners and so support staff who serve all learning communities are welcome to attend.

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