EPICS Interoperability

Work Package 6 Outputs


ePET is a component based ePortfolio system. It has been developed using open source technologies (Zope and MySQL) and is designed to facilitate easy customisation to allow institutions to match their ePortfolio with their unique institutional requirements.


EPICS, North East regional collaboration around ePortfolio progression pathways with illustrative case studies.

The EPICS project is a North East regional pilot involving all five universities and a number of Further Education Colleges. It aims to implement ePortfolios, supporting learners at all levels of post-16 education. It will develop, test and evaluate a practical approach to delivering a region-wide infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of ePortfolios across a range of agencies and institutions.

A portfolio transfer system will be established and hypothetical case studies will illustrate the range and complexity of the progression pathways learners may experience, testing the technical dataflow and political/legal frameworks and workflows through which learner information must pass.

The technical transfer of data will include work already carried out within ePET and may involve IoNodes to share student data and enhance student information access, while incorporating the use of Shibboleth to authenticate access to resources.


Considerable work has been carried out on making ePET meet interoperability specifications. As such, the system now facilitates the importing of IMS Learner Information Package (LIP) [http://www.imsglobal.org/profiles] based data from ePET and other ePortfolio systems. Contents of any valid LIP document can be uploaded into ePET. This data will be validated against the schema and uploaded to the database. ePET data can also be exported from LIP for importing into other portfolio systems.

Figure 1 - ePET to ePET data transfer using LIP [click to view full size]
Figure 1 - ePET to ePET data transfer using LIP.

To make this even more transparent when using ePET, an ePET-to-ePET data transfer module has been developed using LIP and XML-RPC. This is very much a

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