Aim: To provide a forum for PDP practitioners in the HE and FE community in the North East Region (a PDP Forum) Objectives: To identify the range of different approaches to PDP delivery across the HE and FE sectors in the region
To understand the differences and to learn from other approaches and experiences
To identify any shared understanding and practice and ways of sharing and / or working together to develop and evaluate best practice
To include and consult with a range of students about the relevance of the processes and products of PDP
To support the EPICS project and any other relevant initiatives; in providing a critical friend in relation to practice in FE and HE, in facilitating access where possible to students and PDP practitioners and in particular to support the successful delivery of Work Package 5
To disseminate understanding about the role of PDP and it's relationships with issues/policies such as learning and teaching, widening participation, employability and e-portfolios
To provide a forum where regional discussions can take place about the design and implementation of products and approaches which may be required in order to deliver greater understanding and co-operation between individual institutions
Philosophy, Policy and Strategy

The next meeting of the Regional PDP Forum is on Thursday 1st December at 3 p.m. in the Dowrick Suite at Trevelyan College, Durham.

We will be discussing HEI and FEIs instituion

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