Work Package 1 & 2 Plans & project Controls

WP1 Project Start-up and Controls

Establish terms of reference for the collaboration of involved partners Allocation of project resources, staffing and budgetary controls

The setup of the Advisory Board:

To include member representatives from: The senior user, the executive and the major stakeholders

Acceptance of the project plan Detailed project planning
Project Reporting; to include highlights/ progress reports; issues and risks and dissemination news

WP2 Communication Strategy

Establish a communications strategy based on email, meetings (including advisory), reporting, stakeholder briefings, website updates and regular updates of progress
Establish email lists; Web Site; Project Management system
Reporting and communication structures, timetable for meetings
All outputs and reports associated with this work package are not complete and are being updated. 27/10/06

Product Outputs from Work Package 1&2

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