Work Package 10 - Test and document transfer of data

WP10 - Test and document transfer of data
This work package outlines a number of required activities collated by the project manager to formally pass responsibility for the completion of the activities to the project team partners. The work package defines, in measurable terms, what must be done, by who and by when for the final delivery of the work package to the project manager, the Advisory Board and to meet the project quality requirements of the project.

The overall aims of this work package are to:-

Test bi-directional transfer of data, i.e. the exchange of ePortfolio/progress file data between FE colleges, between HE institutions, and cross-sectorally, e.g. between an FE and an HE institution

All outputs and reports associated with this work package are not complete and are being updated. 27/10/06

Results from: Test and document transfer of data Work Package 10

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