EPICS Governance Toolkit

The EPICS governance toolkit version 1.4.

The implementation of personal development planning and e-portfolios within a single educational or employing institution represent significant organisational challenge. Co-operation and co-ordination between different departments and between the institution and its learners are essential and can be difficult to manage. If projects seek to transfer e-portfolio or PDP between institutions, the number of agencies to be coordinated increases dramatically. The structures and processes by which the project is governed become vital in order to set objectives, establish commitment, avoid dispute, and maintain momentum.

This governance toolkit has been developed by the Centre for Social and Business Informatics (SBI) at Newcastle University as part of the EPICS project to help new projects to succeed in grappling with these challenges. The toolkit is for people who are doing e-portfolio projects, especially projects whose aims include enabling e-portfolios to connect across institutions and can be used individually or collectively and prospectively or retrospectively. This is the first version and the coming months will see some developments as the toolkit is used in practice in the NE of England. If you use the toolkit and think that it needs to be changed or augmented in any way feel free to contact us at SBI and we

The EPICS Governance toolkit has been revised to version 1.4. This version is available to download.

Download the toolkit - powerpoint presentation

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