EPICS Shibboleth Component Completion Report

EPiCS Shibboleth Component Completion Report

EPICS Shibboleth Component Completion Report


Project Sign-off


1. Project Outputs

The Shibboleth Component Final Report, detailing Shibboleth IdP installations at the 5 EPICS partners who participated, was submitted to JISC on 30 Aug 2006. No outstanding issues have been raised.


2. Intellectual Property Rights

Not applicable.


3. Project Staff

Staff participating at the end of the project were:

Gillian Brown (Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine and iamsect).

Gary Davison (Information Systems & Services, Newcastle University)

Janet Wheeler (Information Systems & Services, Newcastle University and iamsect)

Technical assistance and advice in the course of the project was given by Cal Racey and Jon Dowland (Information Systems & Services, Newcastle University and iamsect)


No FTEs were assigned as such in the project plan.


4. Dissemination Plan

Not applicable; all dissemination as regards the Shibboleth Component was done via the iamsect Core Middleware Development project.


5. Exit Plan

Not applicable (see also under Sustainability below). The project web site falls under the remit of the main project.


6. Sustainability Plan

It is hoped that the outcomes of this project will assist and inform JISC in the rollout of the UK HE Shibboleth Federation, in terms of the problems and pitfalls encountered and by the creation of a nucleus of Shibboleth users within the North East of England.


7. Budget

The budget is included with this report in the file EPiCS_shib_finalBudget.xls. The project has been much more labour-intensive than was originally envisaged as reflected in the overspend re staff costs.


The surplus reflects that fact that Stockton Riverside College were ultimately unable to install the Shibboleth infrastructure.


No funds were sought or received from other sources.


Lessons Learned


8. Aims and Objectives


The objectives set at the beginning of the project were as follows:


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