Internet-PARs were developed jointly by the University of Newcastle and the University of Nottingham in 2 successive projects between 1998 and 2002. They were essentially a forerunner to ePortfolios, before the term 'ePortfolio' became widely used.

What were Internet-PARs?

Internet Personal & Academic Records (PARs) are Web based record systems, used and kept by institutions, tutors, and learners working together. They record the academic and personal development of individuals and the processes by which an institution provides them with support. They encourage individuals to reflect upon and take increasing responsibility for the management of their own learning and development. The universities of Newcastle and Nottingham are implementing Internet-PARs to provide Personal Development Planning (PDP) for undergraduates, in line with national policy.

About the projects

Phase 2 of the Newcastle-Nottingham Internet-PARs Project (2000-2002), was funded by the DFEE Innovations programme. It included the dissemination of experience of implementing both paper-based and web-based PARs at the institutional level. Extensive consultancy was provided free of charge to other HEIs to facilitate their own planning of PDP implementation. For historical purposes this Web page includes reports, presentations and documentation from these early projects, parts of which still relevant to support ongoing implementation of PDP by HEIs.

Final Project Report

Making the Links

Presentation (Nottingham Padshe)

Presentation (Newcastle)

Presentation (Birmingham)

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