The Burgess Report (2004)

Measuring and Recording Student Achievement

See also: The Burgess Report (2007)

This report was produced by a Scoping Group convened by Universities UK, SCOP and HEFCE. It reviews the recommendations in the White Paper, "The Future of Higher Education" that relate to measuring, recording and presenting students achievement.

Brief Summary

  • The report calls for investigating alternatives to the dated honours degree classification system. "There is merit in incorporating some of the existing initiatives in this area including the higher education Transcript, the Progress File and Personal Development Planning. Account must also be taken of developments elsewhere in the UK, in other sectors and European developments such as the Diploma Supplement and the Europass."
  • The report recommends working towards a common HE credit transfer system which should articulate effectively with other systems such as the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Specific PDP-related Recommendations

  • Recommendation 5: "developments in describing, measuring, recording and communicating achievement should take place in parallel with, and as complementary to, the Diploma Supplement and ultimately the Europass."
  • Recommendation 6: "higher education institutions should continue to implement Personal Development Planning within the guidelines developed by the Progress File Implementation Group. There should continue to be evaluation of the impact of learning and the representation of learning and achievement of different forms of Personal Development Planning." ie. emphasis on the need for research to evaluate the effectiveness of different forms of PDP.

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