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British Education Index (Database)
Educause Quarterly
Reflective Practice (Journal, ISSN 1462-3943)
Innovate (ISSN 1552-3233)
ALT-J (Research in Learning Technology, ISSN 0968 3943)
British Educational Research Journal (journal of the British Educational Research Association (BERA) , ISNN 0141 1926)
Studies in Higher Education (SRHE, ISSN 0307-5079)
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (ISSN 0260-2938)
Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Medical / Health Related
Medical Education (Journal)
Medical Teacher (Journal)
Academic Medicine (Journal)
BMC Medical Education (Online Journal)
Teaching and Learning in Medicine (Journal - to 2003)
TimeLit (Dundee database to 2001)
KU-UC (Knowledge Utilization in Medicine)

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