Tomorrow's Doctors

Personal reflective records
"Students must receive regular and consistent information about their development and progress. Clinical logbooks and personal portfolios, which allow students to identify strengths and weaknesses and to focus their learning appropriately, can provide such information. Using these will emphasise the importance of maintaining a portfolio of evidence of achievement, which will be necessary once they have become doctors and their licence to practise is regularly revalidated." Tomorrow's Doctors, GMC, 2002
"Schemes of assessment must support the curriculum and allow students to prove that they have achieved the curricular outcomes. This means assessments must allow students to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their knowledge, and to show what they can do. Professional attitudes and behaviour must also be assessed." Tomorrow's Doctors, GMC, 2002
"Students must receive regular, structured and constructive appraisal from their teachers during the mainly clinical years of the curriculum. This allows the medical school to judge their clinical knowledge and competence against the principles set out in Good Medical Practice." Tomorrow's Doctors, GMC, 2002

The proposals for this FDTL portfolios project were written before the General Medical Council (GMC) published their revised recommendations for undergraduate medicine: "Tomorrow's Doctors" in July 2002. Read the Recommendations on the GMC Website

These recommendations have strong implications for the project in various respects. Also, we believe that the aims of the project are highly complementary to Tomorrow's Doctors and other GMC recommendations.

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