'Generic' ePortfolio

Requirements (Overview)

The ePET portfolio was first developed at Newcastle University in 2002, as part of a collaborative FDTL4 project. Since then the ePET and the associated pedagogy has been further developed during a series of ofther projects. One of these included a JISC funded project to develop portfolio interoperability, the project acronymn 'ePET' stuck and the ePortfolio has been reffered to as ePET ever since!.

Diagram of the ePortfolio with 3 levels: common components, generic tools, context-specific tools

The ePortfolio is highly configurable and can be applied to a range of different contexts.

The ePortfolio architecture has been designed to support 'value added' features such as sharing, searching and cross-referencing.

There are a range of 'generic' tools available with the ePortfolio with an emphasis on supporting Personal development Planning.

Course administrators can create new tools using simple Web forms. New tools can also be written by developers and incorporated into the ePortfolio framework.

Further information

document icon Design, implementation and evaluation of a 'generic' e-portfolio: the Newcastle experience (paper and presentation from ePortfolio 2004)

There is a Public Demonstrator (based on development work up to March 2004).

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