Requirements (Overview)

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"Zope is an open source application server for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications. The Zope community consists of hundreds of companies and thousands of developers all over the world, working on building the platform and Zope applications. Zope is written in Python, a highly-productive, object-oriented scripting language."

Available on multiple platforms: Unix, Lunix, Windows, Mac etc.

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The MySQL database server is a popular Open Source relational database.

Available on multiple platforms: Unix, Lunix, Windows etc.

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The open source Apache HTTP Server Project is the most widely used web server on the Internet.

Available on multiple platforms: Unix, Lunix, Windows, Mac etc.

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The 'generic' ePortfolio has been developed in Zope. The following Open Source products are required:

  • Zope
  • Database eg. MySQL or alternative(s)*
  • Apache Web server
*There are adapters for other databases including Postgres and Ingres.

Developing tools for the ePortfolio

ePortfolio tools can be created without any programming experience using simple Web forms. More sophisticated tools can be built in Zope in either:

  • DTML
  • Zpt
  • Python


There is ongoing interoperability work with the ePortfolio. This will enhance integration with other paltforms / VLEs. See the ePET and EPICS projects.

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