Newcastle University was involved in the production of the Leap2A Specification. This section of the site contains our local resources for use with this specification.

For more details about the specification, please see the leapspecs.org WIKI at http://wiki.leapspecs.org/2A/specification

Our local category scheme is available here.

An example export from the ePET portfolio is available in XML Format and as a ZIP file.

These exports have been updated to conform to the latest version of the Leap2A specification (2010-07).

valid atom feed These have been checked at http://validator.w3.org/feed/ and the Leap2A validator, and have been found to be valid Atom and Leap2A records.

The full import and export procedure has been included in the online demonstrator. This will allow you to test your downloads in ePet and test ePet downloads in your system.

Notes on implementation

The following notes are to aid anyone wanting to import an ePet LEAP2A export into their own system. If you have any further queries, please contact Paul Horner.

There are still some things that haven't been implemented yet.

The script we use to formulate the first part of the import is available for download here. This is a Python script that takes and Atom Feed (or LEAP2A version 2009-03) and returns a Python dictionary that you can manipulate as part of your import procedure. It's not complicated, but what comes out of the end is a little bit neater to work with than the plain XML feed (in my opinion).