Mobile Learning and the m-Portfolio

Mobile Learning

This image was part of 'Towards the m-portfolio' presented at ePortfolios 2007, Oxford.

We are seeing rapid advances in mobile technologies which are now having a real impact on learning. But how does this relate to portfolios and portfolio learning?

Position Paper

Cotterill SJ, Angarita M, Horner P, Teasdale D, Moss J, Jones S, Firth G, Hennessy S, McDonald AM, Fajardo R, Cendales JG, Quintero G Towards the m-portfolio Proc. ePortfolio 2006, Oxford.

Many mobile phones now support sending photos and texts to blogs. However, if your portfolio or log books require more structured information or ‘sign-off’ by placement supervisors, then requirements become more complex. In this collaborative position paper we put forward our vision for m-portfolios that will work seamlessly, both on-line (direct synchronous connection to the Internet) or off-line (with asynchronous connection to ePortfolios on the Internet).


We have done work on the mobile interface to ePortfolios in collaboration with the CETL4HealthNE/ (a collaborative Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning involving the Universities and NHS partners in the North East). This initially focussed on accessing ePortfolios directly via Wifi (synchronous). The EPICS-2 project is now investigating asynchronous solutions for use in locations where there is limited connectivity to the Internet.

Cotterill SJ, Jones S, Walters RA, Horner P, Moss JD, McDonald AM On behalf of the CETL4HealthNE Evaluating the use of hand-held computers to access electronic portfolios and clinical guidelines in a wireless environment for undergraduate medical education Proc ASME 2006.

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