North East XCRI Test-bed (NEXT)

This was a JISC funded mini project using the XCRI specification for eXchanging Course Related Information.

What is XCRI?

XCRI Course Advertising Profile is an open specification with increasing adoption across the UK. It can be used to make communication about course information more efficient within an institution or for aggregating course information across multiple providers. XCRI has the potential to support more flexile education models and also to become a valuable tool in improving information for prospective students and opening up new channels for advertising courses.

Further information about XCRI:

Overview of NEXT

NEXT was an ambitious project which investigated the application of XCRI, a specification for the exchange of course related information, in a number of contexts including support for education and training delivered by multiple providers. This was a collaborative project involving Newcastle University and Durham University, which built on previous work in the JISC EPICS-2 project, where the use XCRI for sharing postgraduate training opportunities was explored on a regional basis. Evaluation from these activities is applicable to other WBL/CPD and multi-provider contexts and provided feedback to help inform the continuing development of XCRI.

More information about the project

New Feature NEXT Project Final Report

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