Summary of the NEXT project

This was a JISC funded mini project using the XCRI specification for eXchanging Course Related Information.

New Feature NEXT Project Final Report

Project Aims

  1. To use XCRI to help diversify provision of learning opportunities through partnerships. This will be achieved with a specific case study in the sharing of postgraduate training opportunities across the region.
  2. To improve information about learning opportunities. This will involve extending the use of XCRI to include information on specific skills (particularly relevant to WBL & CPD) and piloting a means for learners to explore available workshops by skills through Dynamic Learning Maps (a project in the JISC curriculum delivery programme). We will also conduct a feasibility study for the use of XCRI for sharing course information on a medical programme run jointly between Newcastle University and Durham University. In addition we will conduct a case study of using XCRI to aggregate staff development training opportunities to display in Dynamic Learning Maps and potentially other sites.
  3. To promote the use of XCRI, including dialogue with academics, mangers and information specialists in the North East and broader dissemination.

Impact of the project

The NEXT project adds to the understanding of the use of XCRI to support education and training delivered by multiple providers, and in particular its use in the independent learning and continuing professional development (CPD) settings. The project identifies a number of challenges for applying XCRI in these settings and suggested solutions to these that may be applicable in other contexts. In particular, the NEXT project has made 2 key extensions to the use of XCRI, which will be of interest the broader community and provides exemplars that could be used by those who have similar requirements.

The project has raised awareness of XCRI within our institutions, but also within the wider community. The work on skills within this project will help inform the discussion in the JISC-CETIS community of how skills should be represented in XCRI, Leap2A and other specifications. The project has also added value to the JISC Dynamic Learning Maps project.

This was a short duration, 5 month project which has contributed to a much larger initiative by JISC and the XCRI community. We believe that XCRI is having a positive impact and that this is becoming increasingly significant in the changing economic and political environment, which demands more flexible and integrated solutions in education.

Selected Outputs

New Feature NEXT Project Final Report

Regional Hub (proof of concept).

Sample XCRI feeds from the project:

Source Code Files:
New Regional Information Hub (php code for the aggregator)
XCRI-CAP Feed Generator (php)

Further information about XCRI

XCRI Knowledge Base (includes sections for policy makers, managers and technical staff)

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